Out of Town, Out of Mind

For the two of you who follow this blog (who are you people, anyway?), it’s obvious I’ve been missing a lot of posts. It’s just part of our reader deflection program. Actually, I’ve been out of town for a week, working off the PowerBook, thanks to the pointer from Rob McNair-Huff on moving radio from one machine to another. My only connectivity is WiFi at the nearby Starbucks/TMobile hotspot, so it’s not like I can post any time I want.

I ran into the now-well-documented beginning of the month Radio bug. It was just a matter of updating the Radio Root, which I tried to do from the bug report page, but that wouldn’t work. And then I got this curious cascade of Radio ills. I couldn’t get to my local home, even after multiple restarts of Radio, Explorer, Mozilla, PowerBook, etc. It seems to work only if I’m connecting at Starbucks, and only intermittently. Well, good enough, it’s really all a miracle, anyway.

6:05:06 PM    

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