A Veteran’s Day

This vet loves his war stories as much as any other. Every time we flew into a place that started with a “K”, I got my ass shot up and they gave me a Distinguished Flying Cross. Maybe it was just to shut me up.

It didn’t work.

A review of Xpertweb-oriented Blog Entries

When I was 25, the important thing was to have a good time and not get killed, in the reverse order. Now it’s more interesting to get Xpertweb online.

Here’s a review of the blogs that relate to the open source/open resource system designed to help a lot of people feel a lot better.

For Hurai and Eric:

A parallel between the settling of the New World and the Xpertweb microeconomy

Plato’s metaphor of the cave: our blindness to the bugs in our economic Operating System

Is contrivance simply how we discriminate among people to determine who gets the goodies?

For every problem I’ve got, there are lots of folks who are as good as Commander Data for that specific problem and who would be happy to help me out, especially if paid, say, $1 per minute

No data base controlled by the seller will tell the truth about the seller

When rules are formalized, it is by the seller or the employer

The Xpertweb seller knows the buyer’s grading history, which is more detailed than eBay’s system

We can’t trust sellers to report everything, so we need customer’s records for the truth

A little microeconomy with a better feature set than the larger one. We’ll see if the nutrients are suitable

Your Xpertweb Value Chain builds itself automatically, extending over the horizon of comprehensibility

What drives the engine of greed, fear, manipulation and capitulation that circumscribes most lives?

Building the Symmetrical Data Store, one datum at a time

Their skills can be describable, sellable, reputable and worth more next month than they are today

The theme of Peer-to-Peer transactions: Identify, Specify, Negotiate, Deliver, Evaluate and Pay

Aristocracy and meritocracy look remarkably alike to people who missed the boat

There’s an expert in Bangalore to finish our code and someone nearby to build our deck

Imagine a centralized system set up to do what Xpertweb proposes to do

Once we start designing for both parties, we have the economic equivalent of cold fusion

We may inspire people to move money around as SMTP and POP3 move words around

We currently seek to amass significant assets, Xpertweb delivers myriad inconsequential amounts

Money for the Rest of Us

Data for the Rest of Us. The XWriter tool by Hurai Rody. We’re indebted to him.

Open Data, Open Resources

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the next RFP

The Mentor Agreement is the core of the Xpertweb experience

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