And Mitch’s Ink is barely dry…

Just in from our favorite monarchy, via Cory Doctorow:

FaxYourMP, an amazingly effective tool that lets Brits slashdot their Members of Parliament (and has been instrumental in killing the RIP Act and the national ID card campaign) is run off an aging server in someone’s spare room in a London flat. Yesterday, the flat’s ceiling caved in, and Yoz had to drive around London to get the government back up and running.

Holy crap. Just imagine that. Some code, a good meme, DSL, and a few hundred bucks’ worth of hardware adds up to a tool that moves governments. I am agog.

Also, the flat they relocated the machine to is one that I crashed in last June, while Richard “GNU” Stallman was crashing in the flat below (a total, mind-croggling coincidence). I configured the WiFi router. There are some really hot politico-nerds in London, and no doubt about it.

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