The DeanTechTeam

On 7/15/03 at 1403 EDT, the DeanTechTeam made its first support call.

[Q: How do you start up in OS 9 rather than OS X? A: hold down the option key.]

What’s the DeanTechTeam you ask? It includes everyone who:

  • Has above average computer and Internet skills
  • Wants to meet her neighbors
  • Wants to help his neighbors with computer issues (hey, we all got issues!)
  • Wants to show that Howard is people-powered, not spin-powered
  • Has registered as a DeanTechTeam support staff

How the DeanTechTeam works

A DeanTechTeam volunteer puts the word out that s/he’s available for free tech support.

Here’s an idea for a flyer:

Free Tech Support!

The DeanTechTeam is now on line and in your neighborhood.

Who are we?

Tech People supporting the Howard Dean Campaign

We’re skilled computer people who like to solve computer problems and like to help people.

As a DeanTechTeam member, I’m ready to help you over the phone or at your computer (home or office is OK).

If you need my help, I’ll work on your problem, not lobby for Howard Dean.

  • If you have computer questions, I’ll give you my best computer answers.
  • If you have Dean questions, I’ll give you my best Howard Dean answers.
  • I’ll respectfully leave a Dean fact sheet.
  • I’ll respectfully ask if I can bookmark the Howard Dean site for your use.

Why am I doing this? Because Everyone’s computer and skills need improving.

Because Dean people are more interested in solving problems than in debating politics.

Because we can’t think of a better way to show others that the next election matters a great deal to a great number of us.


When contacted, the DeanTechTeamMate starts solving the tech problem, without boring their neighbor about why they’re doing it. If they make a house call, they wear a Dean button, perhaps a special DeanTechTeam button. (Yeah, we know. House calls raise liability issues. Evil people are everywhere. Fear everything. Do nothing. Rely on authorities. Let’s all stay home and watch TV. Don’t skip the commercials.)

The message is that process is more important than ideology. We’re not here to lobby you because there’s already too much lobbying (33 lobbyists for every member of congress). Instead, let’s just do something useful. We’re happy to be helpful.

3:24:18 PM    

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