Save the Children

Frank Patrick’s Focused Perfomance blog is a reliable source of wisdom on what works in business processes and what doesn’t. When I rant on about the failings of large organizations, he gently hauls me back by reminding me that what seems like wasted effort is the natural result of supporting the truly effective people with those who do the less-than-excellent work that the stars simply can’t get to. He knows that companies can only avoid the over-use of great resources by backing them up with “good-enough” resources.

Now Frank has taken on a project that deserves a great resource like him. It’s called A Global Virtual Classroom, a continuation of a successful AT&T project linking elementary and secondary school classes from around the world in collaborative “virtual classrooms.” It’s a little like the Xpertweb concept, on the basis that what needs teaching in your school may be available elsewhere, in classes which have mastered the challenge you’re most interested in. Think of the real life Jaime A. Escalante who was the inspirational Math teacher in Stand and Deliver, one of Doc‘s favorite films.

Apparently AT&T has other fish to fry and has turned over the project to the Give Something Back International Foundation. The AT&T foundation has provided a small grant to re-start the initiative, and Frank is looking for additional support for his client and talent to get the tech part right. Check it out. It’s a chance to be part of something bigger than your local school bitchfest.

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