Maybe they’re just a bunch of losers in wolf clothing. The Bush family gives us no confidence they can be re-elected, a sure sign of loserness. Karl Rove may be about to be fired for the second time for leaking to Robert Novak, and fulfill Joe Wilson’s delicious vision of seeing him frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs.

When Rove leaked to Novak in 1992, he was fired by the late Bob Mosbacher, another Texas Republican but one who, despite his cronyism, looks statesmanlike next to Rove, who never saw a dirty trick he didn’t like.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this administration seems to have a death wish? Could they have designed a more disastrous three years? There’s ample evidence that they flubbed terrorist intelligence prior to 9/11. From where I sit in the cheap seats, it looks like every action since then has been to cover up that fundamental error.

It’s like another in Dubya’s series of flawed business dealings writ large. His career has been, essentially, a Ponzi scheme, where the next investor bails out the last one. The problem is that we the people have been left holding the bag, since the only investor left to bail him out is the U.N. community, and they don’t care who his daddy is.

The Republican party has an honorable tradition of representing the interests of people who care about the orderly provision of capital and business processes for the service of society. Someone recently told me that the party has been taken over by a cabal of religious fundamentalists, second-rate business people like Ken Lay, and world domination freaks and Zionists like Wolfowitz. People like that are losers by nature, doomed to spend their lives marketing themselves as powerful, astute, responsible strict fathers, since so many people respond well to the appearance of such a father figure.

Unfortunately, such a father figure is never more than a figure, for those men are so rare as to be irrelevant to the human condition. They are the male equivalent of Sophia Loren, still juicy and appealing at age however-old-she-is-now.

The reason father figures comfort us is that we imagine them through our childhood filters. No one can live up to that role, which we discover when we grow up and see that Dad was just a guy doing the best he can like everyone else. Most of us are probably doomed to seek the comfort of parents as we want to remember them rather than humans as they are. So, like a beauty with fine, limp hair, we know our life will be perfect if we can just find the secret government formula that will deliver us from a life without a Dad to take care of us. You could call it Lakoff’s Law.

Personal Axe

My resentment of George Bush is that he’s certainly a coward. He enlisted at the same USAF recruiting office in New Haven, almost exactly three years after I did. The difference is that I went along with the program while he served as many years as were interesting to him. Now that it’s attractive to the media to bury these yahoos, the public will be told all the well-known but hitherto unpublicized evidence of Dubya’s personal failings, which are well known to anybody who’s been around him (so I’m told).

Like his buddy Richard Mellon Scaife, Georgie’s a poster boy for why we need an inheritance tax. Bill Gates knows that the worst thing he can do for his kids is make them rich, so he’s giving his money to third world health. He’ll leave everyone better off, his kids and the world’s poor.

Now we’ll have a media orgy to remember. The adult Republicans will pick up the pieces from their long day’s journey into night and the country will right itself (left, actually), return to its reliable center and perceive again that there is a purpose for government and that taxes are just the dues we pay for being in the club.

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