Off the Air

Circumstance spares you, gentle reader, from my lengthy rants this week. I’m finishing a chapter for an upcoming O’Reilly book on emerging democracy, and doing some actual work to assist the separate but friendly efforts at DeanForAmerica and ChangeForAmerica to ensure that the spark ignited last year is not extinguished by the water pail which the advantaged class keeps handy for populist emergencies.

Meanwhile, here’s a quote from the cover story of the current issue of American Conservative magazine:

The tendency to hate, really hate, opposing politicians surely is not good for American democracy. It is not rational to hate George W. Bush, just as it was not rational to hate Bill Clinton. But after spending eight years hating Clinton, conservatives who complain about the Bush-haters appear to be hypocrites.

George W. Bush enjoys neither royal nor religious status that would place him beyond criticism. Whether or not he is a real conservative, he is no friend of limited, constitutional government. And for that the American people should be very, very angry.

I’ll get back to overloading your RSS feed next week. Of course my hiatus may be evidence that I have nothing to say when Doc is out of the country, feeding me material…

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