Since you Asked, Frank…

Frank Paynter has asked why we blog and, like blackbirds wheeling together, bloggers are showing their respect for Frank by flocking to answer.

I started because Doc Searls and I were having marathon phone calls, enjoying our echo chamber. As Dave Winer had exhorted him, Doc pushed me into blogging, perhaps just to get us off the phone.

I have a genetic need to work out my thoughts, hopes and resentments on ‘paper’. So my blog does for me what legal pads once did.

I keep blogging because I’ve met so many great people like you through this medium. I’m amazed to be introduced to a blogger I’ve never met, and our conversation picks up where it left off.

Out of the threads of our now-shared thoughts, hopes and resentments, we’re making a quilt of our common sense of how things should work. Each individual piece of our quilt stands on its own, but collectively a better picture emerges than any tapestry one of us might weave alone.

But enough about me. Whadda you think of my latest post?

Thanks for asking this question, which seems to be blogger flypaper.

8:28:41 AM    

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