Copping a ‘Tude

My friend and ORGware advisor, Brian Oberkirch is off and running with the iTudes meme from last time. He’s a leader of the MashPit project going on in Dallas as I virtually speak. They call it Social Attitude Tracking:

iTudes (thanks Britt Blaser)

AKA “How’s my driving?” – Social Mood Tracker

The Problem:

How do I gauge in real time a “community attitude” as it relates to a specific time, place or other point that can make it have more specificity (uniquely identifiable), or not. Tagging today can lead to too much information.

It’s hot-or-not for tags in context:
“your mother” = LOVE HER
“your mother, naked” = NOT SO MUCH


Event, function, project, company, service, person, meme, etc.

User Classes

Critics: can create free form, hierarchical tags, then rate them – critics can store models and provide them (via link) to others to use to rank a specific tag cluster/grouping

Consumers: can pull reporting via tag combinations, weighted to create unique models per consumer. Consumer modeling could then be locked in (here’s how I want to rank presentations) and used by other consumers for a true comparison.

Ranking Clusters: groupings of tags that generate statistical results based on user defined weightings of the tags – tags


Sliders for rating (0 to 100 scale)
Invite a friend to rate — has potential to become a “Zoomerang tool”Tag cloud
Create a tag (app suggests tag combinations entered by previous users

Steal from the best

I know these guys will come up with something useful. I can’t wait to steal the idea back from them.

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