5 iPods, 15 Poets, 2 weeks. 

Best. Odds. Ever.  To win an iPod.

This is gonna be fun.

The PodSlam Contest is certain to be the best chance you’ll ever have to win an iPod, and the grand prize is a next-generation video iPod (the most eagerly-anticipated iPod ever – so much so that the thought of it has inspired some Wall Street analysts to raise Apple’s stock price target).

Why are the odds so good? Because the Just Media Fund is so committed to give these poets a wider audience. As I write this, there are fewer than 200 people registered as members of the site who are qualified to win (“Employees of Just Media, Open Resource Group, etc., are not ….yada, yada.”)

4 iPods will be awarded to the people who are most active on the site:

Grand Prize: iPod Video (next-generation model)
Second Prize: iPod Video (current model)
Third Prize: iPod Nano
Fourth Prize: iPod Shuffle

Random Drawing: Do you feel lucky? A 5th iPod – the current-model iPod Video – will be awarded in a random drawing from the contestants who view at least 8 of the 15 slams. Here’s the graphic:

The scoring is automatic: anyone who registers at the PodSlam site accumulates points automatically by viewing the videos and rating them and commenting on them and inviting friends to join, etc. One way to get points is by posting a medallion like this on your blog:

podslam ipod contest

Notice the link? It was generated automatically at the PodSlam contest page, which knew I was podslam member #6 so it can track my activity. Too bad I’m ineligible for the contest. 

At midnight, 3/31, the contest is over. Whoever is most active will receive the Grand Prize of a Next-Gen Video iPod. The runner-up will receive the current model of the video iPod, etc., etc. Details at http://www.podslam.org/contest.

Podslam is the first online poetry slam. It’s based on the traditional poetry slams where audience members rate poets as they perform their work.

PodSlam.org presents each poet’s work in a video designed to be viewed in your browser, in iTunes and on a video iPod. The poets are all from Denver, home town of Neal Cassady, the original wild man poet of the beat era. In February, 15 poets were asked to riff on Black History Month. The result is the high-quality video of each poet. Each video was professionally shot and produced, inspiring a commenter over at Hugh Macleod‘s site to say:

Love the use of video in this. Makes me wonder how these folks are conquering the production challenges, ie, time, resources, $$… same thing with Rocketboom, 3-5 minutes of video takes a long time to make, er, make well.

The videos are so good thanks to Just Media Fund’s commitment to this project, the poets now have a chance at a wider audience. Credits: Creator/Producer is Henry Ansbacher, Co-Producer is Ashara Ekundayo, and Director is Davis Coombe. (Way down at the bottom, right where it belongs, under the key grips and caterers, you’ll see our credit.)

DISCLOSURE: My little company, Open Resource Group, built the Podslam site for The Just Media Fund, so naturally we think it’s beyond cool. It’s also a great laboratory for learning how people respond to a nuanced series of prizes based on several different member actions. As you’d imagine, that’s my long-term interest.

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