My Elizabeth Edwards Story

Several commentators seem to have personal Elizabeth Edwards stories tonight. Keith Olbermann’s is the time she called in to say that some of her fondest memories of her deceased teenage son was when they watched Keith on ESPN. So much so that every time she sees Keith now, she gets a warm feeling about her son. David Weinberger explains why she’s so good at making lemonade, at his first Huffington Post: “She is the type of person who talks to the person behind her on line at the grocery, which I believe in the Northeast has the status of a rarely-prosecuted misdemeanor.”

My story is from last year’s Personal Democracy Conference, when our host, Andrew Rasiej, interviewed her. Replying to the question about money and politics, her instant and candid response was,

“Of course we have to do something about it. There’s too much friggin’ money in politics!”

What’s your Elizabeth Edwards story? Comments are hosed here, but maybe the folks at Personal Democracy will put up a page for them.

You really should go to this year’s PDF Conference on May 18 here in NYC. Great time of the year. I’m encouraging the intrepid Damien Mulley to come over from the People’s Republic of Cork.

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