Dixie chick Natalie plays the White House

George Bush is a brave man. He’s invited a country singer named Natalie to sing at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight, Saturday, at 8 ET (CSPAN listing).

The good news for him is that this Natalie is a lowercase dixie chick from Nashville, not that Dixie Chick from Lubbock. Natalie is my future daughter-in-law, Natalie Stovall (MySpace, GarageBand), an up-and-coming country rocker and songwriter, whose CD is available at the iTunes Music Store. She’ll be singing America the Beautiful, a capella, just after the Star Spangled Banner. As far as I know, Natalie is apolitical, having been raised in Tennessee balanced by four years in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. But even if she had loaded up on Boston politics, the Prez need not worry. Natalie is a wise and empathetic soul who takes care of stray puppies and would never be uncivil to a guy who’s lonelier than he once was.

Here’s Natalie and Tamara celebrating Tam’s birthday at the Bitter End in 2005, and Nat and my daughter Kelly at the after-party here at the East 43rd St. HQ. Them’s some real swell women and it was a real swell clambake.


Natalie’s father, Larry Stovall, was an Army Lieutenant on the ground in Vietnam while I was flying C-130s. We shake our heads a lot.

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