Asking what we can do for our candidate

As I’ve said before, the donors to any political campaign own their candidate. In the age of Broadcast Politics, the donors were the big donors–corporations and their masters–and we see now how that turns out. 400,000 people have registered at the DeanforAmerica site, made hundreds of thousand donations, buying hope one month at a time. Dean’s in the pockets of his donors, like any candidate, but the good news is that he’s beholden to us all, and not to large interests.

This weekend, Josh Koenig and I are driving to Dean HQ in Burlington as part of the IT Nirvana effort . We don’t care if we’ll be pulling wires, hacking code or developing analytical models, we’re just there for a week to fill in where useful.

And we’ll hang with the campaign people we’ve come to know, respect and value. If the opportunity arises, we’ll talk about stuff that’s important to us. Maybe we’re forgetting something. If there’s a question or issue you’d like us to have in mind, please post it here. With any luck, your concern will be more important than ours, so we can nudge it to the top of the stack.

There’s no way to know if we’ll have time to mention anything, but it would sure be great to have a list.


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