Do these acronyms mean much to you: “PHP”, “mySql”?

Did you ever want to be part of something meaningful, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, potentially world-changing? If so, the Dean campaign needs tech volunteers to help Burn the Bush. This is from the Dean Blog today:

Are you willing to volunteer your time and skills to help get Dean elected?

We need tech-volunteers!

We need bug-squashers, knowledgeable administrators, graphics designers, and
software developers, testers, and technical writers to help on state sites, development and support. We have the opportunity to change politics forever, to redefine what it means to campaign. You have the ability to create the tools that will help define the future of our democracy.

If you want to participate please email me back with the following information:

  • A brief description of your technical / graphical skills
  • Your estimate of hours per week you can contribute
  • Any comments / questions / concerns
  • If you are a professional developer, it’s very important we do this within FEC requirements. You may not work on any company computers, support, or work on company time. If you are a contract developer, your help is in-kind contribution — you can contribute up to $2,000 worth of work, minus any amount you have separately contributed (the limit for any individual contribution).
  • You must be a US National

A Tag-Team Match

Unless you’re a hobbyist, you can contribute fewer than 100 hours or so, even assuming that $20 per hour is a reasonable market rate. So the trick to this from a management perspective is to find a lot of people with good communications skills to coordinate their work as they move into an active role and then back out out of it.

You will never find a better man than Zack Rosen to work with. He is probably a programming genius and even though he’s just 20, his vision encompasses technology, community and democracy. I was planning another trip to Burlington this weekend, but postponed it when I found that Zack would be out of town. I plan to meet with people more senior than Zack, but connecting with him is vital to several things I’m doing.

If the headline of this post makes sense to you, go to the Link and become a part of the solution!

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